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Vets looking for a job? Vets Looking to hire?

Sometimes we come across those who, for one reason or another, have lost their job, and find themselves looking for a new one! We wanted to help with this, as the ‘Vets’ has a wide network of contacts in the City. We have teamed up with MW Recruitment (‘MWR’) on this as one of their number, Malcolm Wood, is a Vet himself and since leaving the gilt market has helped hundreds of people in this situation. We will assist Vets in every way possible to help MWR find a posting for you in our network too.

MWR are situated in the heart of the financial sector (10 Ironmonger Lane, EC2V BEY) with experienced, cross-functional consultants with many years’ experience of successfully placing various levels of personnel into back, middle and front-office positions in investment, commercial and retail banks, fund and asset managers plus their London based providers. They take a highly consultative approach to assist you if, for instance, it is many years since you wrote a CV or need some interview prep, they can help.

For any Vets or companies looking to hire for their own organisations MWR have agreed to work at reduced rates to provide a cost effective quality recruitment service for Vets members. They will take measures to encourage the companies approached, and take a highly professional approach to assist you if, for instance, it is many years since you wrote a CV! I would highly recommend them, and wish you success.

Enquiries to Daniel Cohen, MD on Tel: 0207 778 0724, Link to the website:

Nick Bealer
Chairman, Stock Exchange Vets